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Our industry exclusive Twenty Step Move Program

This is a step by step outline of the level of service our clients receive. Once a closely guarded company secret we now publish it in order further raise our level of service.  Bravo Company benefits by having yet another industry exclusive that its customers will take notice of, and a tool by with to train its employees to a level of service unequaled by its peers. The most important part of a successful move is the actual crew that comes to your home. They are entrusted with handling most everything you own. This outline literally gives them a road map for success, confidence and the ability to measure their skill level. 

1. Our advertisements and website will be professional, honest and informative.

2. We will protect the customer by providing a written proposal in advance, maintain compliance with the Texas DOT regulations, licensing and insurance, properly train and screen employees.

3. Upon calling, the customer will feel confident and stress relief when making their appointment. This will be achieved by the company representative having an exemplary knowledge of our services, the ability to explain all details and pricing. The associate will also be able to assist the customer with an array of other home repair and remodeling needs through our alliance of home services companies.

4. The customer will receive a move confirmation and service agreement at the time of the appointment. It will be professional in appearance, grammatically correct and address the terms as relative to the specific job.

5. The company’s representatives will be available to the customer at all reasonable times before the move to answer any follow up questions in order to complete satisfaction and to assist in every way possible.

6. The customer will receive a strategy/courtesy call the day before their move from the company’s dispatcher to reaffirm the appointment, addresses and make sure any special needs are addressed.

7. The day of the move the customer will receive a call from their crew chief to give them notice of their expected arrival time and confirm any special directions or access codes.

8. The truck will be clean, well maintained, and outfitted with all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to complete any moving job (As outlined in The 5 Star Move Handbook).

9. The crew will arrive as prompt as possible and in the event of a delay the moving company will promptly communicate to the customer the delay and the expected arrival time.

10. The crew will always be courteous, respectful and helpful. The crew will arrive at the customer’s location ready to work, motivated to do a great job and represent themselves, the customer, and the company properly. Appearance is important and the crew will always be well groomed and in the company’s uniform. . 

11. Upon arrival the Crew Chief will introduce himself and the team. He will go over the work order with the customer, and make sure it conforms to the original agreed upon terms. He will walk the house with the customer and listen to what the customer wants to accomplish and make note of any special instructions He will then go over his plan of action with the customer to ensure it is agreeable. 

12. The customer’s furniture/appliances/possessions will be properly disassembled and prepared correctly for moving with premium moving pads, stretch wrap, tape, etc. (As outlined in the 5 Star Move Handbook)

13. The Crew Chief will manage his team and the job effectively by checking in with the customer throughout the job in order to make sure they are satisfied, and make any adjustments if necessary. 

14. The Load Master will properly and appropriately pack the truck for the job (As outlined in the 5 Star Move Handbook).

15. The Crew Chief will walk the house with the customer and make sure that all items being moved are loaded, all water connections are off and tell customer if the crew plans to stop along the way for any reason. 

16. The driver will properly maintain the truck and obtain directions to all job locations in advance of the move. He will confirm any special directions for the next destination prior to departure, and arrive promptly to all locations during the job.

17. The customer’s items will be efficiently and carefully unloaded, correctly placed and reassembled at their request. The crew will perform any additional reasonable request of the customer.

18. The crew chief will receive verification from the customer when the job is complete, identify with the customer any concerns, and resolve them immediately. If they cannot be resolved between the crew and the customer, the crew chief will notify the dispatch officer of the issue, and the dispatcher will be responsible for making arrangements for resolution of the issue. The crew will thank the customer for allowing us to assist them and wish them a good life.  

19. In the event there is an issue that may need to be resolved after the move date, the company will accept and acknowledge its responsibility and act swiftly to make sure an amicable resolution is achieved quickly.

20. This is the most important step. Everyone will work together and support each other to ensure that after every move the customer feels they made a great decision hiring Bravo Company. 

Do you really want to spend another day looking for a moving company? I know your expectations and I will exceed them! 

Chris Booth

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